A new camera for 15 minutes of summer

This summer, I bought a Nikon Coolpix S33. It cost about 100 Eur and officially, I purchased it so the kids could have fun and take some underwater pictures on our summer vacation (the older two said they will photograph fish and the youngest – giant squids). Off the record, well, it was also because I wanted to take some underwater pictures.
The vacation was off to a good start. We didn’t fight once during our 3-hour drive to the seaside (I think that was a first), had delicious lunch along the way and arrived to campsite in high spirits.
Unfortunately, this was our shortest vacation ever. Just after 15 minutes, my son broke his arm climbing a tree and we had to rush to the nearest emergency room. Before even seeing the sea and caravan, let alone the giant squids, our summer vacation was over.
Until I try underwater photography next year, here are some funky photos taken with the new camera, which has a nice “mirror” function.