My Bolero project

The other day, I was driving in my car when Maurice Ravel’s Bolero suddenly popped into my mind. Although the story about its creation supposedly isn’t true, it goes like this: Ravel had made a bet with another composer that he could write a successful piece of music, but only built around one, repeating musical theme.
I wondered if I could do the same with just one photograph. My goal was to make around 20 different variations of the same photo, but not just by playing with colors or filters.
I certainly didn’t create a masterpiece and I hope Ravel isn’t turning in his grave because of my amateur attempts to follow his lead. But, it was a great exercise to boost my creativity and improve Photoshop skills.
At 10 variations, unless somebody wants to make a bet with me to go for that initial 20, I have to call it quits. I’m sooooo tired; I just remembered I have forgotten to eat dinner and after so many hours spent on the computer, everything hurts, from my brain to my pinky toes.And I swear, if I spend just one more minute looking at myself, I will have to punch myself in the face.